Hi, I'm MamaGoose!

Loving wife to my amazing husband and best friend, stay-at-home mom to my crazy, can't-sit-still, preschool daughter (aka Goose, born Aug '09) and my gotta-get-into-everything, crawling son (aka Handsome, born Dec '12)... the loves of my life and my reason for living!

A little about me... I started blogging back when I was pregnant with Goose as a way to keep all friends and family updated on how both I and baby were doing throughout the pregnancy. After she was born, I created a blog dedicated to Goose and all of her adventures growing up, but while I was blogging for her I decided I might as well create a family blog. So when she turned one I ended her blog and created a new family blog to take it's place.

Even though I'm not the greatest blogger, and I tend to forget about it every now and then, it's something I really enjoy. I love sharing my own experiences and reading/following the experiences of others. All I have to say is whomever invented blogging, thank you!

Anyway, some of my favorite blogs to follow are craft and cooking blogs. I consider myself a crafty person and a cook-in-progress, and I've been wanting to start my own craft/cooking blog for awhile. I just never got around to it until recently, I have to say that my main motivation was the sewing machine I got for Christmas in 2011. I'm still learning how to use it, but what a great way to share my sewing experiences than on my very own blog!

Please don't forget I mentioned that I tend to forget about my blog... or more correctly that I get caught up in life and before I know it, days, weeks, or even months have past between my last post! I promise I will post as much and as often as I can though!

I hope you enjoy my blog of my many adventures in crafting, cooking, and life!



Saturday, June 23, 2012

Laundry on Vacation

We just got back from an awesome 2 week vaction!  We drove to San Diego for a few days.  The time inbetween was either spend driving (total of 4 days) or pit stops to visit the in-laws (we stopped and stayed with them both on the way to and on the way back).  It was a great vacation!

Anyway, weeks before we went I started planning stuff that needed to be packed.  I wanted to pack lighter than we normally pack because I knew we would have access to laundry at both the in-law's and the hotel, so I searched online for some ideas on how to minimize our bulk.

In the midst of my packing search I found some other great DIY (do-it-yourself) travel ideas that I took advantage of and wanted to share!

The first one I'd like to share was super easy to make and turned out to be very convienent... Reusable Dirty Laundry Bags!  I got the idea from HERE, but she did way more work than I wanted to so I ran with the idea and did my own thing!  It was so easy and I finished all three in less than 10min.

My Dirty Laundry Pillowcase Bags -- I went to ARC and purchased 3 pillowcases (at $1 a piece) so we could each have one in our suitcase.  I hate the smell of thrift stores, so I washed mine first before doing anything, but you don't have to!  I flipped the cases inside out, took my seam ripper and undid the stitching at the top of the pillow where the fabric is folded over.  This will be your casing.  Flip it right side out, grab a string or shoe lace (I bought some at Dollar Tree for another project, so I had extra on-hand) and feed it through the casing and tie the string together at the end.  And you're done!  Super easy, right?!  And best part is I made 3 for $5 and we can use them over and over!

The next one is one that I'd like to think I came up with myself, since I haven't seen the idea anywhere before.... Reusable Laundry Detergent Sheets

As I've mentioned in other posts... at least I think I have... I have been interested in the whole DIY homemade cleaning supplies amongst other things.  I've made homemade laundry detergent and love it!  One of the things I've been wanting to make is the homemade fabric softener.. the kind where you dip your rag in the liquid then throw it in the dryer with your wet laundry.  My problem is that right before finding the idea I had just purchased a huge box of dryer sheets so I've been waiting to use them up.

Anyway when I was getting ready to pack toiletries, one thing I knew I needed was laundry soap.  And that's when the thought came to me!  Why not use the rags for laundry detergent instead of fabric softener?   So I went and grabbed one of the many baby washcloths I had in the closet to test my idea out.  First I poured my 1/4 cup detergent in a bowl and stuck my washcloth in to see if it was big enough to soak it all up... it was!  I had a load in the washer ready to be started, so I threw it in and waited.  The rsults were just as good as if I had just thrown in my cup of detergent.

So when I packed I dipped my washcloths in the detergent, put them a ziplock bag, then to make sure they wouldn't leak, I threw them in my mini-wet bag.  This made doing laundry on our trip so much easier!  No more worrying about a container of laundry detergent spilling on our trips, because we will be doing this every trip from now on!

*If you try this, I'd love to hear how it goes for you!