Hi, I'm MamaGoose!

Loving wife to my amazing husband and best friend, stay-at-home mom to my crazy, can't-sit-still, preschool daughter (aka Goose, born Aug '09) and my gotta-get-into-everything, crawling son (aka Handsome, born Dec '12)... the loves of my life and my reason for living!

A little about me... I started blogging back when I was pregnant with Goose as a way to keep all friends and family updated on how both I and baby were doing throughout the pregnancy. After she was born, I created a blog dedicated to Goose and all of her adventures growing up, but while I was blogging for her I decided I might as well create a family blog. So when she turned one I ended her blog and created a new family blog to take it's place.

Even though I'm not the greatest blogger, and I tend to forget about it every now and then, it's something I really enjoy. I love sharing my own experiences and reading/following the experiences of others. All I have to say is whomever invented blogging, thank you!

Anyway, some of my favorite blogs to follow are craft and cooking blogs. I consider myself a crafty person and a cook-in-progress, and I've been wanting to start my own craft/cooking blog for awhile. I just never got around to it until recently, I have to say that my main motivation was the sewing machine I got for Christmas in 2011. I'm still learning how to use it, but what a great way to share my sewing experiences than on my very own blog!

Please don't forget I mentioned that I tend to forget about my blog... or more correctly that I get caught up in life and before I know it, days, weeks, or even months have past between my last post! I promise I will post as much and as often as I can though!

I hope you enjoy my blog of my many adventures in crafting, cooking, and life!



Friday, March 30, 2012

Pin Cushions

Wow!  I knew I was falling behind with keeping my blog updated, but I didn't realize that it's been over a month since my last post!  I have so many things to share!  We'll start with my pin cushions!I know I'm not the only one who hates the darn tomatoes or strawberries or whatever they are supposed to be.  At my first sewing class I actually got a blue one as part of a free beginners sewing kit, so I guess it was a blueberry?  Anyway, I think they are ugly, so I wanted to make something prettier to help keep me in a good mood while I'm working on projects, so off to Pinterest I went to look for some good ideas!

And this is what I found!  Too cute, right?!

So off to the store I went to get some cute fabric for mine.. I ended up getting a few fat quarters for $.99/each at walmart.  And I wish I had pictures from start to finish, but I dont, sorry!  But here is what I made:

I think it turned out pretty good! My first time sewing a cube, so I can't complain too much, but the one this I didn't care for was that it wasn't very sturdy.  I wanted something that would sit on mmy table without rolling over, so back to Pinterest I went where I found this tuna can pin cushion, and thought PERFECT!


The easy part was making tuna salad for lunch, but the hard part was cleaning the darn can!  I tried soap and water like suggested, but my can still stunk of tuna, so then I tried vinegar.  Still no luck.  Then I tried lemon juice, then bleach, then baking soda, and still the can stunk of tuna, so I gave up and threw the darn can away! 

So I moved to Plan B, which was using a plastic yogurt container instead.  It was easy to clean, and easy to paint!  I was worried that it would be hard to paint because of the smooth surface, but to my surprise it was very easy.  I just used black craft paint and a brush and painted it on like you would on any other craft project.  It took about 3 coats to make it look even, but even still it only took maybe 15min.  After the last coat was dry, I sprayed it with a semi-gloss sealer to help prevent the paint from scratching off.  I followed the same directions used by Kara in the original post, except instead of shoving fiberfill into my fabric, I decided to just put a thin layer of fiberfill then put my ugly "blueberry" inside, tied it up, glued it into my yogurt container, and it fit perfectly!  Then, as Kara also did, I added some ribbon and buttons with hot glue to finish it off!

(Please ignore the white thread!  It kept sticking, darn static!)

Now my ugly "blueberry" is cute as a button, and I love, love, love it!  Goose calls it a cupcake and says "Yum Mama!" everytime she sees it!