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Monday, March 4, 2013

Boy does time fly... It's March 2013 already! 

First I'd like to appologize for going MIA for the past 7 months!  I guess I have alot of catching up to do because alot has happened in those 7 months... I won't load everything all into this post, though, so don't worry!  =0) 

This post I will dedicate to my hardest and greatest project last year... my baby boy! 

Handsome was born December 19, 2012 at 1:43am, weighing 8lb 5oz and measuring 21.5" long!

I have to say it was a long pregnancy for me.  We didn't have any complications, but I was sick more with him than I was with Goose, and I was very stressed and anxious throughout the whole pregnancy.  Lets just say that I am extremely happy to have him here with now!

He is such a good baby, has the most adorable little smile, and best of all he is a Mama's boy and loves to snuggle!  (Goose was always Daddy's girl and would rather be up looking at the world than snuggled in anyone's arms!) 

We love him so much!