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Thursday, July 6, 2017

Pool Noodle Tent Markers

For my first official post since coming back to the land of blog living, I'd like to share an awesome camping hack we tried two summers ago in 2015.  Reason being is I posted my picture on Pinterest and it has been pinned and shared like crazy, but doesn't really have a home if that makes sense.  You may have seen this picture, and even pinned it yourself, but now you know it started with me!

Both Hubs I grew up enjoying camping and knew that we wanted to take our kids camping to share the love.  Well our first camping trip was a disaster to say the least.  Goose was maybe 2 or 3, and had a blast when we got to the campsite. Loved hiking around the trees, getting dirty, loved the adventure, was the happiest girl in the world... up until she realized we were sleeping there.  Long story short, we only stayed one night, because it was one very l..o..n..g night.  It was so bad we refused to take her again. 

Fast forward to 2015... Goose was older and now had Verdicle whom we also wanted to try camping with, so we decided to give it a go.  This time though we picked a campsite that was much closer to home, one with a bathroom, and more importantly a playground!  I packed their favorite blankets and stuffies, and planned activities in case they board.  I searched Pinterest for the best tips for camping with kids.

We are tent campers, but one of the pins I came across was THIS pin for RV camping Hacks, posting a picture with the title Foam Pool Noodles For Awning Pole.  What an amazing idea!  I grew up always tripping over the tent wire, so I knew I wanted to incorporate this into our camping adventure!

It worked out great! There was no tripping and best part is it was ridiculously easy and only $1!  I definitely recommend a brighter color because it was easy to see even in the dark.  No special tools needed... I just used my bread knife from the kitchen.  You can obviously cut yours longer like the one in the RV photo, but I cut my pool noodle in half, then cut one half into 4 pieces.

The other half of the noodle I cut into piece to use for other camping hack ideas I found on Pinterest.  Like these covers for our roasting sticks.  Also made some for the cooking knives we keep in are camping gear!

Here are some other great Pool Noodle Camping Ideas, some we've tried and some we plan on trying either this summer or next:


Insert a pool noodle between the canopy fabric and frame to keep water from collecting during a rainstorm.


A pool noodle table toe/foot protector!  Great for if you RV camp, or even if you like to wear flip flops around the picnic table.  =0)

We haven't tried this camping, but at home it works great, especially for the little ones!

Have you used pool noodles when you've gone camping?  I know there are many more ideas/hacks out there, but what are your favorite?

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