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Friday, February 10, 2012

Taste the Rainbow II

Speaking of rainbows, I guess now would be good a time as any to share the Christmas gift I made for my mom's fiance!

I joined BabyCenter.com when I was pregnant with Goose, and within BabyCenter there is a group called Crafty Mamas which I joined.  A couples months before Christmas they started a post called "Homemade Gifts" where I found this gift idea...
So what is the gift you ask???  Jolly Rancher Vodka! 

Here's how I made it:

  • Jolly Ranchers
  • 5 Mini-Vodka Bottles
  • 1 Large Bottle of Vodka
  • Goo-Gone
Step 1
Empty out our mini-vodka bottles and use Goo-Gone to clean off the labels, and wash them with soap and water.  Alternatively, you could also purchase empty clear glass flasks for this.  I personally could not find inexpensive glass flasks, so that's why I opted to go this route.

Step 2
Unwrap your Jolly Rachers and place in your flasks/bottles.  I used 3 of each color for my 2.5oz bottles.  Next, fill your bottles with vodka.  Make sure to leave some space at the top because as the Jolly Ranchers dissolve, it will fill the bottle more.  Now you just let them sit on the counter until the candy dissolves!

Here's what they will start to look like:

And what they will look like when they're all done!
You may have to shake them a little to make sure they are mixed well.  I can't remember exactly how long it took for the candy to dissolve, but I'm preetty sure it took a couple days.  And like I shem!aid, I'm not an alcohol drinker, so I didn't try these when they were done, but if you are a Jolly Rancher lover and love your vodka, then I'm sure you would love them combined!  (I know my mom's fiance loved them!)


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