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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

52 Reasons Why I Love You

DaddyGoose is a hard man to get gifts for, and it doesn't help that Christmas in December, his birthday is in January, and Valentine's Day is in February!  We decided to skip getting each other gifts for Christmas, and he told me not to get him anything for his birthday, so I had been thinking really hard for what to get him for Valentine's Day.  Then I came across this 52 Reason I Love You idea on Pinterest and decided it was the perfect idea!  Not a huge gift, but it has huge meaning. 

Instead of using an old card deck, I decided to make my own cards online (make your own card deck), then I hand-wrote my reasons on the cards for a personal touch.  I finished them this morning and I am very happy with how the whole project turned out!  I hope he loves it!

Happy Valentine's Day DaddyGoose!  I love you!


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